Chapter 98: All our deeds are like boomerangs. Some boomerangs bring game. Others hit us in the head.

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When I moved out of my parents’ house to another country, young and adventurous – I did not care taking with me my great collection of children books. I loved those books, each of them being a separate reality I used to travel to in the long evenings of my early years.

Years later I came home to find out that all my books have been taken by some relatives with children and therefore vanished out of my life forever. I was sad and angry. Why would they take my books without even asking?!

Today a memory hit me as a boomerang from the past. How did I come to possess the best half of my books? As a little girl I used to spend my summers at my grandma’s. One day while playing scouts in the attic (strictly forbidden activity) I dug out two boxes from the outer-front attic corner, well hidden and all covered by dust. Two large boxes full of children books. This was a real treasure.

Without asking I have taken those books and brought them home.

Those books belonged to a young lady-teacher, who used to rent half of the house at my grandmother’s. Out of a sudden she received an immigration invitation and left the country with one little suitcase. She left her books behind, and then I came and took them without asking.

My books left me in the same way they came into my possession…

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