Chapter 168: Have a breakfast and I will tell you what we are up to…

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I wake up in the morning and Villa de Coco smells like homemade pancakes and home-brewed coffee. Laying in bed in twilight between sleep and being awake a wave of safety and security envelops me. I get dressed, put on huge warm white socks my mom bought for me few months ago and move towards the stairs to the 1st floor with a tiny build in German kitchen.

– Good morning babe J, how are you? – I don’t see her yet, but goose bumps of happiness are there, all over my body. I hear her voice! My dear Coco is here!

– Coco?! Oh Coco, I missed you so much!

Like a spring breeze, fresh, young and slender, Coco is buzzing through my kitchen, baking Russian pancakes, brewing Brazilian coffee, making the shadows disappear, making light enter. Coco. I have not seen her since, since… Being all confused and overwhelmed by her sudden appearance I fail to remember. Who cares? She is here!

– I will stay on your side until your patent-pending fashion invention is launched! – she is smiling.

I am crazy happy and start laughing.

– How do you know about the patent-pending, Coco? How do you know I am preparing to launch?

– I follow your blog, silly and … I tune into your soul! – She gives me a hug.

Safe. Safe. I am all safe. I am all safe.

– Eat your breakfast Baby J, and I will tell you what we are up to…


P.S. Coco is right. I am really close to finishing my long-awaited fashion invention that helps women to beat fatigue, have more energy in life and turns any fitness program to success.

And now that I have patent pending – I started freaking out. 😧 What if my invention does not do what you need? 😵

Can you help me out? Simply click the blue button above and reply to three questions about getting fit in the comments!

I truly appreciate your help and would love to give you a little gift: free access to a great fitness manual “How to stay fit during holidays and beyond.” This manual reveals the most effective techniques to get and to stay fit.

Simply answer the questions here and get your fitness manual! Love, J

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