Writing my daily blog I would love to use this opportunity to ask you for a favor.

I am really close to finishing my long-awaited fashion invention that helps women to beat fatigue, have more energy in life and turns any fitness program to success.

And now that I have patent pending – I started freaking out. 😧 What if my invention does not do what you need? 😵

Can you help me out? Simply reply to these three questions in the comments below:

1️⃣ Did it ever happen to you that you buy a gym membership and simply don’t go? If it did, why do you think it happened? Why didn’t you go?

2️⃣ Did you ever decide to start exercising tomorrow and when tomorrow came – you simply did not start? If you did, why do you think it happened? Why didn’t you start?

3️⃣ What is your biggest challenge when it comes to exercising and getting fit?

I truly appreciate your help and would love to give you a little gift: free access to a great fitness manual “How to stay fit during holidays and beyond.” This manual reveals the most effective techniques to get and to stay fit.

Please answer the questions in the comments and access your free manual here ► http://wellnesslibrary.net Simply log in into my wellness library and learn the most effective techniques to get and stay fit.

Much ❤️,


9 Replies to “Willpower to get fit: Please Help!”

  1. 1. YES! Lost interest and other priorities took over.
    2. Absolutely! There is always another tomorrow…. Well, at least we hope.
    3. Time. Work tends to be my priority.

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  2. I had a gym membership for months and didn’t go! Why? I suppose it’s easy to just buy a gym membership, but actually going…THAT’S the first step. It means a change in habit and that takes a while to instil. That part is often underestimated. A lack of planning and preparation is probably the main reason.

    On Q2, yes – loads of times! But just never started exercising because…there’s always something else to do right? You prioritise your other stuff for some reason. Procrastination? Excuse making? “I can always start tomorrow” is a common thought!

    The biggest challenge to exercising is knowing whether my form is correct, AND how prepared my diet is to support exercising

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  3. Hey Julia!

    1.) I have always had a gym membership, and I’ve always seemed to struggle finding the time to go. In reality, there is no reason I can’t take time out of my day to go and improve my health. But, for me it seems to be an issue of not wanting to make the time to go because there are other more important things I need to accomplish.

    2.) Multiple times! Same reason as above, I would go to bed the night before anticipating to go to the gym in the morning, but when I wake up, it stresses me out knowing I have other things to do. I feel like I’m wasting my time by going essentially.

    3.) Consistency!!! There are times where I will go, and for a good amount of time. Like everyday for months. But then there are months in which I don’t go. So staying consistent with it is a huge problem.

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  4. 1. No. Although I work out quite often, I don’t do so at a gym because I don’t have the time to travel to/from. I used to work at a gym (so I would work out there), but for years now I’ve worked out from home (because if I bought a gym membership, I likely wouldn’t go very often).

    2. No. But over the years, I have found reasons to stop working out for periods of time (too busy, physically unable, etc), only to have to start all over again to get back into shape.

    3. Getting fit isn’t my challenge – staying fit is. Reminding myself to “just keep going”, even if my workout is just one exercise, is the key for me. Doing something, even just a little, helps to keep me on track and coming back to lift my weights again and again.

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