Chapter 51: Yesterday stopped by the world…

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I dressed and went downstairs to take care of few errands downtown. I went out the door and the gentle spring breeze enveloped me. For the first time in the long winter weeks as if for the first time in my life. Overwhelmed by the generosity of the Sun, I put down my bag and grabbed my jumping rope.

The breeze brought something inexplicably familiar: the scent of the shy newborn grass heated in the sun, just a little hint of the warm mother earth covered in patches of drying straw. I knew this smell. Same stone in a different place of the Earth, same shy newborn grass, same smiling sun going west, same me sitting on the stone…

– Don’t sit on the stone child, you’ll catch cold!

– Grandma?

My life is a set of frames, all happening here and now. Yesterday, stopped by the world, I was lucky to visit the frame where my grandma is still alive.

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