– You don’t have to sign each and every contract put under your nose, J. Just because everybody else can’t wait to get older, does not mean that you have to follow the crowd. – Coco and I are walking to a little temple nearby. Just few weeks ago I discovered two gorgeous trees in temple’s back yard, 800+ years old. Coco is excited to meet them.

– How is aging out of a sudden a contract, Coco? Everybody gets old. It is the flow of the nature, isn’t it? It is not like we are left with a choice! Are we?

– Yes we are.

– How?

– Just don’t sign the master aging contract. Be very clear and explicit in your intent to remain young. I am very clear in my intent; this is why you can’t tell my age.

She is right; I don’t know how old she is. She could be 18 once you hear her laugh. She could be 28 once you see her nearby. She could be 38 once you hear her talk. She could be 800+ once you look into her eyes. Fresh eyes, wrinkle less – but OMG those eyes are deep. They have seen some. Those eyes could be 800+

I have spoken to an old friend few days ago. We seldom talk, once or twice a year. She kept saying: “at our age we have to do this, at our age this and that is the case, at our age, at our age, at our age” – was cutting my ears as a knife. I have not signed the master aging contract! You may call me naïve or stupid, may be even crazy. But, I have not signed. This age is not ours. This age is solely hers. I don’t have age. I will never have age.

Coco and I arrived at the temple. The head of the temple, warm hearted lady with gentle smile, dressed all in yellow brought us four apples. We went to the back yard to meet the trees. There they were. 800+ years old, gorgeous, tall, powerful, all covered in little gentle soft buds, swollen and ready to open. I hugged the tree and Coco hugged me.

– We will remain young forever baby J, – she whispered smiling, – like these trees,  forever young!

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