Chapter 165: Willow. Willow. Willow Tree. Slender Willow Tree. (Drowning Rabbit story)

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A hungry Rabbit was drowning. First he was hungry. Then he started drowning while still being hungry (just a little explanation).

Before he started drowning, he actually thought he could swim. Wrong thought it was. He could not swim in water that cold. He could not swim in any water that’s it. So he was drowning.

His friend the Bear came to the river bank. “You can make it! I believe in you! You are a trooper!”- said the Bear and went away.

His friend the Fox came to the river bank: “Rabbit! I have heard you are hungry. I have brought you some food. Have some once you are done with your water performance.” Fox put a plate full of fruit under a large Willow Tree at the river side and went away.

Rabbit’s friend the Hedgehog came to the river bank. “Rabbit!”- screamed the Hedgehog. “It was a wrong decision to get into the water! It is not safe nowadays. Get out!” Hedgehog waited for a minute but Rabbit did not get out. “You never listen to what people tell you! Whatever! It is your life! I have to go!” — screamed the Hedgehog. “I have a gym class at 6 pm. Call my cell once you are done, ok?” — And Hedgehog run off.

The Willow Tree asked the Wind to blow on her slender branches. The Wind listened and blew on the slender Willow Tree. The branches, long slender branches, moved with the Wind, moved towards the drowning white little Rabbit.

“Thank you, Willow Tree, thank you so much.” — said the Rabbit. The Willow branches embraced the Rabbit and took him out of the cold water.

Rabbit sat under the Willow Tree for a moment waiting for his fur to dry. He hugged the Tree, his ears fluttering in the Wind. He’s eaten some fruit from the Foxes plate and called the Hedgehog. “What’s up?” — yelled the Hedgehog (yelling was his thing). “Nothing. Let’s go to the movies.” — said the Rabbit.

Willow. Willow. Willow Tree. Slender Willow Tree.

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