Chapter 353: Are we stupid? – No. Deaf to the truth of our own.

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– Do you know that you know? Know it all, Baby J?

– I feel fear in my chest, just above and below. Just above where my heart. Just below where my neck.

– Any more that you feel?

– Yes. A shift of the worlds.

– Such a blessing my love!

– Are you sure?

– Yes. I know.

– I’ve spent days that did feel like long painful years, making simple decisions that were long in my past.

– All decisions we make, ‘re our past Baby J.

– Are we stupid?

– No. Deaf to the truth of our own. Tell me that what you know.

– I know the World is a Dress, full of intricate layers of the lightest chiffon.

– Now it’s time for a change. Choose a light weightless gown. That invites for a dance, full of blessing and joy.

– Love you Coco!

– And I love you too, Baby J!

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