Chapter 357: Why designer fashion?

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When I quit my corporate job 14 years ago and went into fashion, two things were TOTALLY clear to me. 

1) I want to MANUFACTURE. Nothing sounds better to me than a factory full of people and machines.

2) I want to manufacture for NEW DESIGNERS. 

Fast fashion labels – lack of ethics, boring. 

New designers – exciting! 

I believe as long as we humans wear clothing, it should be high quality, sustainable DESIGNER fashion. 


Because it is gorgeous, and because I want talents to earn a good living with their talent.

Does it happen right now? No, it does not. 

If you are a fashion designer, you most likely are living one of the three scenarios:

1) You work for a brand and feel not appreciated. Like … AT ALL.

2) You have some other occupation that is not related to fashion, because life happened this way.

3) You have your own label, and it is not profitable.

In my perfect world all fashion designers run a profitable business.

And all people wear designer clothing. Beautiful, high quality, sustainable designer clothing. 

How does your perfect world look like?

Much love, 


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