Chapter 356: New Fashion Inventor sells $6000 while at her day job

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I feel like flying with sales updates, but there’s something far more valuable to this story…

Not long ago…

This girl jumped on a Discovery Call with me and told me that reading about our program on Facebook was a sign from above.
She said, she had an invention, she even patented it already, but just does not know how to go about developing and selling it. 

Now, she is in an industry that is FAR AWAY from fashion. 

She is a CHEMIST. 

She did not have a store. She did not have an audience. 

What she did have – was the determination, and realization that if she does not launch her invention NOW, she will wake up one day and see another girl getting successful with her idea. 

You see, ideas fly freely in the neosphere of our planet, and creative minds all around the globe tap into this creative soup. 

It would not surprise me a bit if 100 people come up with the very same idea EVERY DAY. 

Ideas are important, but what matters most is ACTING UPON THOSE IDEAS, IMPLEMENTATION. 

But I diverted. 

She did not have existing clients. She did not have a store. 

So she’s taken the content of Module 4 of Fashion Invention Bootcamp and started telling her story and building her audience. 


$6000 and counting:-)

Not too shabby, right?

Now, here’s something…

This girl is happily married and has 6 kids.

Her husband is her #1 fan.

But her family does not really care about how many hours does she spend designing endless collections. 

What her family cares about is …

… whether she is present on Christmas to unwrap the beautiful presents.

… how many mornings do they have a family breakfast

… how many times is she present to cheer at the football game played by her boys.

That’s why I’m looking for 5 more Fashion Inventors to join my program.

Maybe you …

– would love to finally follow your dream and start creating fashion OVER getting bored in a (real?) job.

– would love to run a profitable fashion business OVER working 24/7 to just pay off the bills.

– would love to spend time with family and friends OVER designing endless collections, unable to leave the fast fashion rat race.

Maybe you resonate with sustainable way of fashion creation, oriented on transforming clients’ lives OVER burying them in mountains of inferior fashion garbage.


If you’d like to join us and become a Fashion Inventor too (5 people), just hit reply and let me know. 

Does it sound like a plan?

Much love, 


P.S. There will be a deposit, but you won’t have to front $10k either:-)

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