Chapter 355: Sustainability or Boiling frogs of fashion

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The way how fashion is created and sold is about to change.

Whether you’ll be a part of this movement is your choice.

The first great change we are working on is sustainability.

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Sustainability is a resource allocation principle, that guarantees a long-lasting need satisfaction of participants while maintaining the natural regenerative capacity of the systems and participants involved.

What is the key sustainability characteristic of fashion? 

What eco-friendly material is it made of? 

I thought you’d say that!

Is fast fashion crafted out of recycled PET polyester (recycled bottles) sustainable?

Recycled fast fashion is an oxymoron. A mad joke. A naked king.

The key sustainability characteristic of fashion is its LONGEVITY. 

There is nothing FAST about LONGEVITY.

LONGEVITY is nice and slow and beautiful.

Once longevity is guaranteed, eco-friendly recyclable materials are to be used as a second layer of sustainability.

The third level of sustainability would be to close the circle of recycling, making sure that old clothes become raw material for new goods.

One day I’ve sent a gift to my mom: an oversized blouse made out of peach brushed silk. Made by my team.

“I’ve seen it all”, – my mom said with tears in her eyes. “For the past 20 years working in retail I’ve seen all types of clothing you can think of. I have not seen such a great quality in any store for the past 20 years.”

She cried. I cried. She’s right. We’ve been experimented with. 

We’ve been turned to boiling frogs of fashion.

Bit by bit the quality of our clothing has been changed. From good and lasting years to a floor cloth 2 days after purchase.

It started with thread. Went into quality of stitching and contaminated fabrics.

How long does it take denim jeans to wear out between the inner thighs?

For me – 2 months. How long should it last? Well, let’s say it used to be 12 months of daily wear 20 years ago.

We’ve assumed the role of fashion frogs, sitting in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly; not perceiving incremental deterioration of fashion quality, happily jumping around wearing a pile of garbage that looks like a floor cloth after the first wash.

No wonder my mom was in tears. Wearing QUALITY FASHION is like eating a fresh baked German bread after 5 years gnawing on a tree.

Who did it to us?

First and foremost, we did it to us.

If you don’t want to be boiled alive – check your surroundings once and then.

How about EVERY DAY?

Be AWARE EVERY DAY about quality of goods and information served to you.

Someone decided to maximize her profit and lower the quality of goods step by step.

And you have agreed. SILENTLY.


If you have NOT agreed, then we are part of the same movement.

Then you have the same big goal I have: TO CHANGE THE GAME OF HOW FASHION IS CREATED AND SOLD.

Happy to have you on board!

Please let me know in comments whether sustainable fashion is important to you, and what are you doing to increase LONGEVITY of your products.

Hug, Julia

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