Chapter 358: [Exercise] How to turn your existent design to an Iconic Fashion Product?

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If you are designing and selling your styles already, you are at a great advantage.

You have a portfolio, and it is just a matter of a few steps to select your Fashion Invention candidates.

Here are the 6 steps. Let me know if you have any questions.

1) Analyze your all-time sales volumes per product in units and in $. (Make a spreadsheet, if you don’t have one yet.) 

Same style in different colors counts as the same product.

2) Select top three all-time bestsellers.

3) Hit reply and let me know what changes can be done to these products, so that they become even more unique and authentic?

a) Can we change fabrics to better vs. special ones? 

b) Can we add a new functionality to the style that will move it from good to great?

c) Can we subtract something that will have the same amplifying effect?

4) Pick your favorite product and implement those changes. (Make prototypes).

5) Focus on selling only this one product until you hit 25 units sold per day on average.

6) Turn down the volume of this mental radio that is telling you that it is impossible. (Yep, the one in your head. We share the same model). Actually, let’s start with step 6! 😀

Hit reply and let me know what is your fav bestseller and how can we turn it into a Fashion Invention, into your very own Iconic Fashion Product!

Hug, Julia  

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