Chapter 47: Quit smoking – DONE; Quit drinking – DONE…

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My list of personal goals is long. And today I have checked three goals as accomplished. This is a great feeling. I don’t smoke for full 12 months. I don’t drink alcohol for full 4 weeks. And I have my new fashion product – Perfect Tights by Coco Tomātl. Now it will be easy to drop these 60 pounds.

  • Quit smoking – DONE
  • Quit drinking alcohol – DONE
  • Develop own fashion product – DONE
  • Lose 10 pounds – Work In Progress
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Lose 40 pounds
  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Lose 60 pounds
  • Make my first million – Work In Progress

To enjoy the process I have divided my weight loss goal in six mile stones, 10 pounds per mile stone.

Do you remember the bag full of stones Coco sent to me by DHL? Well, not stones really, but 6 bricks. I have to carry 6 bricks with me wherever I go. It is supposed to help me understanding the burden of taking everything personally.  I can get rid of this burden once I find out how to get rid of taking everything personally. Luckily I have been offered another alternative as well: I am allowed to remove one brick from my bag each and every time I drop 10 pounds.  And this is a real incentive. Boy those stones are heavy!

Perfect Tights by Coco Tomatl Special Offer Banner 20190607

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