Chapter 72: We are conditioned to forget

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Hundreds of quotes per day are passing review in social media.

Good quotes, inspiring ones, life changing ones, silly ones as well.

If you pay attention you may find out that you know exactly who posted what.

Some people post about all those things they deserve (women like to post such stuff), others post about shortness of life and urgency of change.

I could not help but notice that same people post similar content for years, without undergoing any visible change.

How many times do we need to say that life is short before we really get the concept and start doing something with it?

Something like quitting a boring job and starting a dog training school or a fashion product?

I am mesmerized by this concept. I will investigate it even further.

It looks like we are all short term memory creatures.

See, it is very easy to understand that life is short. And we do understand it immediately.

We do understand that we want to be together with loving people and abandon abusive relationships.

But years pass by and we are still sitting in the very same holes, posting the very same quotes we miraculously manage to forget 30 milliseconds after they have been shared.

We forget everything, the history of the world, the history of the nation, our own life history, and our own social media post history.

We are conditioned to forget, deliberately putting some kind of a bucket over our heads.

I know this person. We used to be friends until I told her this story. [LOL]

She has four major stages in her life.

First she looks for a new job. It takes her 3 to 6 months to find one.

This time is difficult because she has to live from her savings.

Money is in short supply and she is constantly freaking out because of that.

Once a new job is found – she instantly looks for a new apartment.

This time is difficult because new apartment will be more expensive and she has to budget for renovation.

Money is in short supply.

It takes her 6 to 12 months to find a new apartment.

Once a new apartment is found she starts a 12 months full renovation project.

Money is being burned as the new house has to be great.

Once the renovation is almost done – guess what? She is getting fired!

She always gets fired.

No need to say that money is in short supply…

And what happens then? I know you want to say she starts looking for a new job, but no.

She takes her employer to court.

The court hearing takes another 6 months and …costs money.

Only after that she starts looking for a new job.

When she got fired for the third time I have shared my observations with her.

This is when she accused me of being a horrible insensitive person talking nonsense.

Yeah, that’s true. I talk a lot of nonsense..

I am not an exception; I would have my own vicious cycles.

BUT – I intend to change.

I am going to pay attention, starting today.

I will make sure the same crisis repeats itself only twice, and one day – only once.

And I even dare to speculate that once I will manage to be fully crisis-free while still alive.

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