Chapter 81: Obesity is a spell. It has to be broken.

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Sitting in my portable sauna today I could not help but wonder what did happen that I have really allowed those 60 pounds excess weight crawl under my skin? It did not happen overnight, you know. And I always had a scale. I have seen that my weight is going up slowly but steady. Exactly nine years ago I have started a new chapter in my life weighting healthy 136 pounds.

The time went by and out of a sudden it was not 136 anymore, but 158. I thought – this is the absolute ceiling. I would never go higher than that! And indeed for quite some time I did not. Then suddenly my weight jumped to 165 pounds. I tried to get it down to 158, but it did not move. Not a big deal. It will not go any higher – though I thought.

Around this time our office dress code changed from smart business to casual. I started wearing a lot of jersey garments and was thrown off my feet when some time later I could not fit in any of my previous dresses. I rushed to the scale and cold sweat covered me from tip to toe: 180 pounds. I have to do something about it! I will never be heavier! Few months later: 187 pounds and then topping 190!!!

No matter how heavy I was – I always thought, more then that I truly believed that this was the ceiling. And it has never been. It always went up to the new heights. Obesity is a progressive condition. It does not stop until it consumes one completely. It takes away our youth, our life essence, our freedom. Obesity is a spell. It has to be broken.

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