I tend to rationalize everything. This is how my brain works. May be because I am so rational – what is happening now looks like a mystery to me.

Coco told me about it a long time ago. She told me that if I stick to the daily exercise and a diet free of processed food (as far as you can handle, she said), finally and faster then I would imagine, my body will take over. There will be no cravings for weird stuff; my body will tell me how much food, what kind of food and when I need it. She said that processed food will leave me indifferent even if I would have a pizza on my table or spaghetti Bolognese. She said I will be able to eat one banana for breakfast and stop there because I am full. She also mentioned that my stomach will change in size and I will eat less food then I was used to.

It sounded to me like a nice ferry tale, very abstract and unattainable. But the reality is this is exactly what is happening now. Two days ago I have eaten two spoons spaghetti Bolognese, got bored and went for a carrot and raisins salad with sesame oil.

At least two days a week my body tells me that I don’t want to have diner. I come home, jump rope and just feel full. It tells me exactly on which days shall I have more proteins than usual. This week became an avocado week. I felt like eating one every day. A week before was dominated by carrots and raisins; and a week before that … by chocolate actually, because I received a chocolate parcel from my mom.

And I get full with less food. Eating one more piece just for the sake of taste became … boring. This flow when body takes over is great. It feels very peaceful, very calm. Out of a sudden 1750 calories a day (amount required to maintain 120 pounds body weight) looks like enough food. I used to eat 2500 – 3000 calories per day and calling it little.

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