Chapter 90: Work out 15 minutes a day and lose 60 pounds in 1000 years!

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“The USDA has released of a set of general exercise guidelines that outline how much exercise individuals should be getting to achieve their fitness goals. They recommend the following levels:

– at least 30 minutes per day to reduce risk of chronic disease

– at least 60 minutes per day to maintain your body weight

– at least 90 minutes per day to promote weight loss” – END QUOTE.

I love it and I am surprised. Surprised because I have not expected this level of sober truths from a governmental institution, not in the age of processed food and genetically modified everything. Even food packaging is genetically modified now a days.

Anyway, what is the deal than with all those 15 minutes per day workouts? The market is full of those. Work out 15 minutes a day and lose 60 pounds in 1000 years!

“It is better to exercise 15 minutes per day than don’t exercise at all.” – I hear somebody thinking while puckering her lips as people who know better often do. What can I say? It is also better to breathe one time per hour then don’t breathe at all. Try breathing one time per minute and you will get the depth of the problem.

90 minutes movement is required per day to lose weight. I can relate to that.

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