Chapter 104: Augen zu und durch…

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The third battles of my Queen’s Quest for Fitness, Fearlessness and Freedom  (10 pounds per battle) seams to be the most difficult one so far. The difficulty is of a mental kind. Physically I am stronger than before, able to jump for one full hour straight.

Mentally I am walking my days hand in hand with the Nasty-It (enemy number three, the one with “you are not good enough” specialization). Well this Nasty-It amigo screams into my ears in various voices and all languages that I will not make it. “I know, I know.” – I tell him. “Calm down for a second will you? Come here, I’ll give you a hug”. I take him by hand and we move forward together.

I am in the late stage of Perfect Tights launch. Coco said Nasty-It rises like a killer wave each and every time we share our work with public. Here we are.

On the top of that Nasty-It opera performance there is a well defined urge for chocolate in my daily menu. So be it – I will eat some chocolate.

Jumping goes very smooth. Sauna is a habit. It is time to start sculpting this thigh gap. Thank you for reading! Love you all!

Perfect Tights by Coco Tomatl Special Offer Banner 20190607

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