Chapter 116: When your friend has faith in you, your enemy is being thrown back thirty thousand li

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A la guerre comme a la guerre. I have been a little bit naïve lately, or shall I say arrogant, underestimating my so-called fitness enemies tremendously.

Do you remember the Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll? The one appearing four weeks into the fitness campaign, telling you that you deserve some doubtful food or exercise-free day? Well, this dude is really harmless in the beginning; lasts for two weeks approximately and disappears once he understands that you are not listening.

The thing about him is – he does not disappear. He calls for reinforcement. And his reinforcement is wicked! He forms an alliance with the Nasty-It-Not-Good-Enough. And I have to say, this duo is deadly. This duo can stop anybody. They are really powerful.

Deserve-It-Troll stopped talking about deserving food or exercise-free time. Oh no, food and exercise are easy topics. He came back with a different message, with a firewall of a deadly message:


– Yesh, yesh, yessssh! – The hissing voice of Nasty-It is echoing the Troll, – How long have you been trying? It takessssh too long! It will not work out anyway. Because nobody likessssh you. And nobody needssssh you and your Perfect Tightssssh.

Good Lord! When Coco was describing those weird forces to me before I went into this weight loss and life changing adventure, they sounded unreal, funny and stupid. In the real life they are anything else but funny, and anything else but stupid.

They are absolutely capable of dragging into dirt any new venture, any new idea, anything, and anybody.

I spent three days hiding. On the day four fresh wind from the North touched my hair. Coco?

– Yes dear.

– I am so relieved you are here!

– I arrived as fast as I could. I have faith in you baby J! Pick up your sword!

When your friend has faith in you, your enemy is being thrown back thirty thousand li.

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