Chapter 134: I suck at rope jumping! And you should too!

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I have been jumping rope for 6 months now, going from 600 jumps sessions to 6000 jumps session in the process. I still don’t know how to jump all these intricate jump routines offered on youtube as standard rope jumping work outs.

Most of the time I use the switching-legs-style, because this is the easiest one. I also jump very low, one inch above the ground tops, may be even less. Why? Because this is easier. Even though my current jumping “performance” is better then it was when I started, I still suck at jumping. My rope gets stuck quite regularly and again I can’t do all those fancy figures.

Except for Perfect Tights, I have not invested into any special garments to jump rope. My favorite jumping shoes is an old pair of Crocks and I jump in whatever casual clothing I wear this day. Why? Because in this way my mind will not trick me into skipping my exercise because:

  1. All sports clothes are in the wash.
  2. I have to change my clothes and while doing so I find myself hours later in front of TV watching some irrelevant B.S.
  3. Any other creative reason my mind comes up with just to make sure that I don’t exercise.

I get home, drop my bags, get the rope, change my shoes and go jumping. Immediately.

How do I feel about my jumping performance? I don’t care. I have lost 32 pounds so far, and I don’t spend a second thinking about adding any diversity to my jumping style. My only thought so far was to get another pair of Perfect Tights, which will make my laundry routine easier. As for jumping figures – I don’t care about any figures, any jumping skills, and diversity. I care about simplicity and easiness.

I have heard it many times from different directions that women don’t exercise because they can’t get it quite right, because they fail in jumping figures, swimming in correct swimming style, doing right yoga poses etc. They have to buy proper equipment, proper outfits, and learn the moves with an instructor who has some kind of full color printed diploma… This is Perfect Procrastination.

Sucking at something is the first step of becoming kind of good at it. Girls, please start sucking at rope jumping, or at mini-trampoline jumping, at any exercise please, which will get your body moving and which will calm down your ever spinning mind.

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