Chapter 145: The most ungrateful thing is – to crave for gratitude.

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The most ungrateful thing is – to crave for gratitude.

As it comes from what we do.

And not necessary from who we do it for.

I spent half day crying because of this most ungrateful thing.

Every time I cry – my muse dies.

Half day muse loss is painful …

This is totally and absolutely unacceptable.

This explains my shitty post as well.

Anyway while doing open heart massage on my muse I figured which activities are not gratitude sensitive, the ones I will focus on:

  1. Activities involving my muse, doing which is a blessing itself: My Secret Online Fitness Game Queen’s Quest  and Perfect Tights are great examples to name few.
  2. Well organized profitable activities. (In case you wonder: profitable but not well organized activities don’t exist). Well organized means among other things that an activity requires minimum involvement of my time if any.


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