Chapter 144: The best exercise you can do for your body is – to let it relax. All the way.

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A common exercise advice for weight loss is to lift weights and build muscle.

Coco may call it “unnecessary exhaustion”.

She would say: “Observe – observe – observe – act … as opposed to act – act – act – and fall down with exhaustion”.

What our body needs is to soften up, loosen up all these muscle clusters we are filled with, stretch them out, lean them out, and let the energy flow.

Once energy is flowing – everything falls in place, in our head, in our body.

I have been pumping iron in the past.

Could I pull up myself at the edge of a cliff?

No, not enough strength.

Could I run with the wind?

No, very bulky and slow.

Yes, you are right; I should have done proper stretching :-).

So I figured, this is exactly what I am going to do – proper stretching.

I will skip lifting iron devices.

Lifting my own body will do and may in fact be much more useful in case of a cliff or something.

P.S. No weight lifting girls, until you can pull yourself up at the edge of a cliff! Once you can – lift all you want … shall you still want to 🙂

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