Chapter 151: How to blog every day?

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A blog – a live battlefield journal is an important weapon in Queen’s Quest Game Play.

Queen’s Quest girls have been asking me how to make sure you can blog every day? Mainly how to know what to write about?

Here there are three little tips which made my blogging theme supply endless…

  1. Buy a little notebook, have it in your purse at all times. Write down all aha experiences, thoughts, observations passing through your head while on the go.
  2. Set up a word or excel swipe file in your computer. Write down all aha experiences, thoughts, observations passing through your head while working at your computer. Write down all quotes you like and your direct response those quotes.
  3. At times when own good thoughts are scarce – go online and google various lists of questions: 100 questions to ask your friends, 100 philosophical questions, etc. I personally do not like these lists of questions, but what I do like – are lists of quotes. Quotes are great material to work with as you can easily find quotes which resonate with you and which are fun to write a post about.

Every time before writing a new blog post – make a short decision, whether to write about something happened to you today or to pick a topic from your lists. For me – something what happened today has a priority to any list because it is easier to write about something recent and emotionally loaded. Some topics if left till tomorrow lose their emotional relevance. Imagine you are crazy happy today. How long can you keep the craziness fresh?

If nothing worth mentioning happened today – pick the topic from the list.

There are other tips to blogging as well, like how to write your posts in bulk, several per day and schedule them in advance. I don’t do it, because I write when I feel like writing. Writing in bulk and scheduling is a scalable model of communication, but I simply don’t feel like writing in bulk. Unless I am writing a book, but this is a different story.

If you have any other tips to how to create an endless list of topics to blog about let me know in comments.


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