Chapter 152: What have you lost in order to gain?

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I have lost a lot in order to gain… weight.

I used to be light, young, and energetic.

I used to like sports, science, writing, dancing and singing.

I loved entertaining people.

I loved to travel.

I used to be self confident, sexy, friendly, warm, inspiring and fun to be around.

I aspired to become an artist, a writer, a singer of some kind, and a successful business owner on the top of all those things.

One day 12 years ago, I saw myself going through a traumatic divorce, after just giving up extremely lucrative carrier to start my first business venture.

For years in a row I felt devoured alive by fear of ending up penniless, while being clueless as what to do with my business and learning all ins and outs of entrepreneurship on the go.

I saw myself moving towards my dream, while getting enslaved by vicious circle of my marginal business.

I saw myself turning hobby into my business and becoming a slave to my hobby.

I saw myself taking advice from people who have never made it. No, even worse – I saw myself taking advice from people who have never even tried to make it! Taking huge amounts of wrong advice.

I lost my self-confidence.

I ended up chronically stressed, overworked, obese, hating myself, losing myself.

Thinking every day: “Just give it another push, and then you will have all the time in the world to repair the damage”. Until one day I looked into the mirror – and did not recognize myself AT ALL!!!

I was not even sure whether this amount of damage was repairable. Coco said I should give it a try.

What have you lost to gain?

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