Chapter 154: What are you looking for? Or second head of obesity dragon.

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There are three heads to the obesity dragon:

  1. Our Loss
  2. Our Wish
  3. Our Self

As long as we do not know what it is we have lost, what it is that we want and who we are, the dragon is alive.

Few days ago I have been chopping off the first head by defining what it is that I have lost in order to gain weight. Getting back what I have lost will accelerate my weigh melt-away.

Today I will address the second head by its full name; thinking about what it is I am looking for in life? Or shortly: What do I want? Big question? So be it!

Why do I need to know what I want? For the purpose of our game let’s imagine that it is easier to obtain something if we know what it is, rather then something we don’t know anything about.

Imagine you write a shopping list for your husband: Milk – 1 pack, Bread – 1 loaf, Eggs – one dozen. Assuming he remembers to go to the groceries shop – the chances are high he will buy everything listed, if available.

Now imagine your forget adding eggs to his shopping list. What are the chances that your husband buys them?

Writing down things I want, facilitates me to go and get them. Going for things I want – puts me once again into the driver’s seat of my life’s Ferrari. Being in the driver’s seat of my life and getting things I want causes positive emotions. Positive emotions are poison for obesity dragon.

I want to be healthy. I want feel young and look young. I want financial independence. I want happy family life. I want to help people to heal their fear. I want to sing, to write, to dance. I want to teach. I want to learn. I want to be free to do what I want and to be what I am. I want to heal and inspire people into their greatness. I am the fire warming the world. I want to be the one who changes lives. This is what I want.

It does not matter whether my list is complete and contains everything I want for ages to come. This list may and will change later. Important is that I start thinking actively what it is I want. In order to lose weight I need to move into the driver’s seat of my life. I need to become a true Queen of my own. I am the one telling directions. I am in charge.

Are you ready to slay the second head? What do you want?

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