Chapter 175: Last Black Hole of Negativity – FIRED!

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Coco has told me like billion light years ago to fire all Black Holes of Negativity, all customers who create a mess and suck everybody into this mess. People who are chronically disappointed about each and every Fart of Nature and at the same time do not move a finger to make their personal cause grow.

Coco emphasized that serving these people will mean that I will not have time for great projects, Perfect Tights, Queen’s Quest and other causes which really really really have huge impact on people’s lives.

I can’t believe it right now. Sitting here writing these words, that even after extremely clear instructions, I have spent another two years putting much effort into turning Black Holes of Negativity into something positive and prosperous. Now, today I am very sorry for this time and I clearly see that trying to change negative people into positive people is like trying to reanimate a person who did passed away three days ago. I don’t have a better comparison.

Anyway the last one has been fired. Freedom! Only Dream Customers remained. This is a milestone of a HUGE importance.

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