Chapter 192: About people who do not believe in marriage. 

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You’ve probably met people who do not believe in marriage.

They use to say: We do not need a stupid paper to confirm our love. We are together and this is what counts.

This is bullshit.

It is not the marriage they do not believe in.

It is their partner they do not believe in.

In such relationships there is always one side who is suffering silent uncertainty of the future.

Running through life without a partner you can count on sucks. Simply put.

The world at all times is full of stories of ‘non believers’ getting separated and getting married to someone else first thing in the afternoon.

Often to a ‘village girl who needs protection’, to a guy ‘who did proposed and saying ‘yes’ felt like the right thing to do’ or just a girl or a guy they do believe in.

I am quite young and still have seen gazillions of such stories.

Even did participate in one myself.

Have even met people who’ve been together for 35 years.

Marriage was not important.

Children were not important.

Until both decided to separate.

I think it was her idea.

One day before she left he desperately asked me: “What now, J? What do I do now? 35 years!”

“You will forget”, – I said. “Soon.”

Why did I say so? I don’t know. More often than not I feel things, and answers pop up in my mind.

30 days later he married a young Asian sweetness.

60 days later they emigrated to his home country.

10 month later they had their first born.

All the blessings.

Such a simple insight.

It would be great to know it earlier.

I would have dumped my ex the very same day I met him. 🙂

On a bright side a girl learns from stupid things she’s done.

I’ve done a lot of stupid things…

Have you? Let me know in the comments.

Hugs. J

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