Chapter 350: The world holds her breath when a new Fashion Invention is born!

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The world holds her breath when a new Fashion Invention is born into the world by a student!

Fashion Inventors are changing the game of how fashion is created and sold.

It’s never been faster or easier to break through with your fashion brand 🙂

I couldn’t be MORE honored to help good fashion designers, influencers, online store owners and fashion enthusiasts who…

  • would love to finally follow their dream and start creating fashion OVER getting bored in a (real?) job.
  • would love to run a profitable fashion business OVER working 24/7 to just pay off the bills.
  • would love to spend time with family and friends OVER designing endless collections, unable to leave the fast fashion rat race.
  • resonate with sustainable way of fashion creation, oriented on transforming clients’ lives OVER burying them in mountains of inferior fashion garbage.

    During one of our Group Coaching Calls where we got together to go through student’s progress and questions …one of my students said, “Julia, you are a DREAM-MAKER! You made my dream come true!”

    As honored as I feel hearing these warm words, I merely help you shine the light on what is already inside.

    You are extremely talented, and I merely polish the mirror for you to see and to tap into your True Genius.

    My next class is getting FULL.

    I make most of my income manufacturing iconic fashion products, I only teach when I FEEL like it.

    If you’re open to it?

    I’d be honored to help you ditch endless collections, forget how difficult it is to start and run a fashion business, and help you become a Fashion Inventor in our next Fashion Invention Bootcamp program.

    If you want to join our little and soon to be massive Fashion Inventor Movement…reach out to me in the comments.

    I am going to ask you a question or two to make sure there’s nothing stopping me from helping you…

    Then I’ll give you the rest of the details:-)

    That’s it!

    Much love,


    PS. Most of my students say that investment into the program is nothing in comparison with what they get out of it.

    This is a blessing to know that. Thank you girls! Your success is my Mission and Purpose!

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