Chapter 365: If you ask – it means you can’t

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I am a fashion inventor and manufacturer.

I help you to invent iconic fashion products.

I help you to manufacture your inventions.

If you ask me: “Shall I start this business?

Shall I launch my fashion brand?”

What do you expect me to answer?

“Yes, of course! It is so much fun?”

Or “Yes of course! What do you have to lose?”

Or  maybe: “Sure. You are perfectly safe

since I will do all work for you! (Not!)”

I guess, I better tell you: “No, you should not!”


Because a strong person who knows what she wants

never asks questions like this.

Who am I to tell you what to do?

I help you to invent. To bring out your true genius.

I am the one who guides you through the process.

The one who helps you manufacture.

The one who asks you transformational questions.
I am not the one who soothes your weaknesses.

If you need someone to reassure you

that you can make it as a fashion inventor,

or as anybody else for this matter,

guess what? You can’t.

Do you see this cake?

Do not ever expect me to ask you

whether I can eat it.

I simply go ahead. Zero questions asked.

Therefore, my love, grab your cake and let’s create fashion!

Much love.


P.S. Two places left in my starter manufacturing plan. You in? Enroll here:

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