Chapter 366: I never expected life to be that difficult.

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– What are you expecting from me?

To end the story on a high note?

Make you pee yourself out of pure enthusiasm? 🙂

I never expected life to be that difficult.

Much pain. Rules. Constraints. Doubts. Fear. More fear. Sadness. Zero certainty. Even less stability. Goodbyes.

As a teenager I would journal about being sick and tired of living off my parents.

Dreaming of the time when I would earn my own living and be free.

(Dreaming, instead of earning. Cushy live. Did not have to work till turned 20.)

Never really got it how much of a blessing my student times were.

Ages of free time and zero real responsibilities.

This life thing – thank you for not telling me in advance.

I may decide not to be born in the first place.

– I have told you my love. And you decided to go.

– Go where?

– Through the birth channel.

– There must be something I found interesting?

– You’ve told me – you are all about playing the game.

– The game?

– Yes. And you keep coming back complaining, while you’ve hacked the gameplay long ago.

– Did I? What did I do? Tell me!

– You know! Crazy kind. First you write the game. Then you hack the game. Then you freaking forget EVERYTHING.

– Stop it! What did I do? What did I hack?!

– Crazy, crazy kind! Don’t you ever ask this question again!

– Shut up! Just tell me!


– And what?! Tell me! Stop teasing! What?!


– I do?

– Yes my love. Go play. Nothing can ever go wrong!

… Amazing kind. Ingenious. Making forgetting a part of the GAME…

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