Chapter 17: How I lost my first 13 pounds.

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– 13 pounds is not much on the worldly scale of events. It seems weird to me to write about it. – That’s me.

– Empty greedy talk! Once you’ve lost it, it is out of a sudden not enough to write about. Two months ago you didn’t even believe you will come so far. – That’s Coco.

And she is kind of right. I’ve got greedy. Two months ago 13 pounds were a universe away.

I decided to hold my breath and shortly write down what I did to drop my first 13 pounds.

1) I decided to lose 60 pounds of weight in order to get to the same level I was during my university times.

2) I signed up for

3) I made my Hot Body Puzzle Avatar and I look at it at least 12 times a day.

4) I made my before picture to remember my original looks.

5) I found a convenient source of healthy food such as: tuna, wild salmon, chicken breast, turkey, cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, zucchinis, avocados, cauliflower, white cabbage, broccoli, carrots, green salad, fiber crackers, dragon fruit, apples, strawberries, unsweetened soy milk, cottage cheese, brown rice, red rice etc. I order online and it is being delivered to my work place.

6) I take my lunch to work.

7) I log my daily calorie intake and exercise, every day.

8) I exercise every day to stay under budget. If I don’t want to exercise – I trick myself into exercise.

9) I bought a jump rope. Jumping rope burns fastest.

Altogether it took me two months (February and March) to lose 13 pounds. I did not have my tights back then, so it took twice as long.

In retrospective – I was excited. Only 47 more pounds to go! Little did I know about this one weird person lurking for me around the corner of time, ready to f@ck up any success of mine no matter how big or small…

Would you dare to guess the name of this person?

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