Chapter 16: $588 per pound of fat or advantage of being skinny

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It is an early Friday morning. I am hitting to the Element Fresh on the West Nan Jing Road Shanghai for a nice healthy breakfast. While waiting for my breakfast – let’s do some math.

According to the study performed by Timothy A. Judge of the University of Florida and Daniel M. Cable from the London Business School, women weighing 25 pounds less than average are earning $29,419 a year more than women weighing 25 pounds more than the group norm. (The average weight being 147.12lbs).

$29,419 divided by 50 pounds difference makes one lost pound worth $588 per anno.

Let me think. How much are my lost pounds worth so far? 13.2lbs times $588 = $7,761 annual improvement. Very good, very good indeed. (LOL)

Another $22,000 to go!

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