Chapter 40: Testing Mode Perfect Tights

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I am in a testing mode. I am testing my Perfect Tights. Our first test was very promising: 1/2” to 1” reduction of thigh and hip circumference just by wearing the tights every day for two months.

Currently I am maximizing weight loss effect by wearing my Perfect Tights during the day (as in the previous test) and during daily exercise.

I am one of these girls who would make a life changing attempt of weight loss two times a year. I would jump rope five times a week and count my calories, book great results until some tsunami of life knocks me off my feet. I would stop exercising for some time, gain back some weight and prepare for my next weight loss attempt.

I used to think this constant attempting to achieve something rather then really achieving it is a sign of failure.

“You know J”, – Coco told me lately, – “Failure is nothing else but foreplay for success. A longer foreplay did not hurt anybody yet.”

I am not very smart, but I think I understood. If I keep attempting – I will succeed eventually. And once I understood it – I continued attempting.

So now I have two attempts to compare. First one: 12 weeks rope jumping (5 times per week) and calories counting, without Perfect Tights. Second one: 2 weeks rope jumping (5 times per week) and calories counting with Perfect Tights. Both times my results are the same: 7 pounds. The difference is – time. What I achieved in 12 weeks last time without my tights I matched within 2 weeks this time with my tights. No diet involved. I can’t follow a diet. I eat as much as I need and jump it off with daily exercise.

Those results may be somewhat abnormal as I am fiercely dedicated to my each and every attempt. I am a big fan, nothing else to say.

After two weeks my colleagues started noticing changes in my waistline and … few days later all eleven female colleagues of mine have joined me for jumping after work. You should have seen those neighbors’ faces – a bunch of factory girls wearing same black tights jumping in the yard after work.

Perfect Tights by Coco Tomatl Special Offer Banner 20190607

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