Chapter 108: Secret weight loss ingredient #1.

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It is kind of sweet that an old anti-inflammatory remedy from the realm of my childhood would bore a tunnel through time into my adulthood as a best remedy against one heavy trouble: 60 pounds excess weight!

I had 60 pounds excess weight to get rid of and have lost 20 pounds with help of this one oil in 8 weeks. How did I do it? Basically by jumping rope and wearing tights soaked in … castor oil. LOL

Castor oil is being pressed from the seeds of Ricinus Communis plant, also known as castor bean or castor-oil-plant and knows many uses in medicine. The list of castor oil applications is very long. I am highlighting only those which helped me losing weight:

Fat loss through detoxification: Castor oil improves lymphatic flow and circulation in general encouraging detoxification. Fat cells form major storage units for toxic waste accumulated in our body through years. Enveloped in fat our body keeps toxic trash out of circulation and away from key organs. By detoxifying our body we automatically give a green light for fat cells reduction making those toxic waste storage units redundant.

Fat loss through increased exercise endurance: Castor oil is highly anti-inflammatory due to its high content of ricinoleic acid (85-95%). Ricinoleic acid reduces inflammation and swelling of joints and tissues and promotes fast healing of sport related micro injuries. It means exercising goes way much smother in combination with castor oil. I exercise for one hour every day and have no exercise related discomfort whatsoever: no sour muscles, no soft tissue injuries, no muscle spasms.

A basic online research reveals that topical castor oil application is a great remedy against mid-section fat. You know those pounds of fat stored around the waist-line which are most closely correlates with heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular accidents, and diabetes? – I can totally relate to this statement. 8 weeks jumping rope and wearing castor oil soaked tights made my waist line shrink from 33 1/2” to 29”. This is equivalent to three dress sizes!

You may ask how I handled the greasiness of castor oil topical application. I have been wearing Perfect Tights. Perfect Tights have castor oil embedded into its textile structure as one of several active ingredients enhancing physical performance of the wearer. This is my great fashion product which I am about to launch!

Thank you to everybody who is supporting me on this major quest of transformation! Lots of love!

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