Chapter 162: Watch me making you scream Lady P!

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I have started writing about focus actually, as being the most difficult thing in goal achievement. “If you ask me about the most difficult thing in goal achievement, I will say without any doubt – FOCUS, to keep focused and move into one single direction.” – This is exactly what I have written.

– Really? I think it is some BS you are writing here, my dear.

– What? Who is talking?

– It’s me, your favorite friend…

– Who?

– Well, you can call me Lady Procrastination. As far as I am concerned – I am the most difficult thing in goal achievement. I will make you do all these unnecessary things and postpone the most important ones, those you feel uncomfortable with. I will tell you that you need to prepare well to do the uncomfortable things. And then I will tell you that you have to prepare even better. And then I will teach you the art of preparing to prepare.

You will think you are much focused. And focused you will be. Days, weeks and sometimes even years full of FOCUS POCUS may pass by until you realize that everything you have done has nothing to do with moving forward towards your goal.

– Who are you? Go away!

– Why? I feel very comfortable here!

– What? Ok, watch me: Tomorrow I am shooting remaining 5 videos for my product launch, cutting them, finalizing my JV partner assets, uploading all assets to the ClickFunnels and I am ready to launch!

– Are you? It will be cold tomorrow… +12 C indoors. Not a good time for videos, better to wait for Spring to come and…

– I don’t care. Cold, warm. In fact – watch me shoot these videos right now!!

– What?! No! No-no-no-no-no.

– Yes! Followed by 6000 jumps!

– But it is cold, and raining, and…


– You can’t do it to me! You simply can’t!

– Oh, you don’t know shit about me! Watch me making you scream Lady P!

P.S. 6000 jumps done! Videos done!


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