Chapter 209: The one great reason why you should drink alcohol…

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Let me think how to start.
I bet you are all excited to hear this one reason why everyone should drink alcohol.
I am all excited too.

Here it comes:

There is no reason why you should keep on drinking.
And there are plenty of reasons why you should stop immediately.

From the weight loss perspective:
1) Drinking alcohol results in uncontrolled over-consumption of food. You take a sip of wine or beer and voila, the feeling of hunger is there, even-though you felt perfectly fine just few minutes ago.

2) Alcohol adds tons of empty calories to our daily intake by itself.

3) As long as our body metabolizes alcohol, we are not able to burn stored body fat.

4) Alcohol causes dehydration, which again causes slow-down of our metabolism; increases our water weight, and increases our food consumption (as for thirst is often being confused for hunger).

Therefore here is the plan: 
1) You quit drinking today until you’ve lost 50% of your excess weight OR until you’ve won your Battles ONE, TWO and THREE of My Secret Online Fitness Game.

2) You may have a drink to celebrate once this goal has been achieved.

Follow the plan.


Baby J (The Perfect Queen)

This and more fun insights in My Secret Online Fitness Game! Not in the game yet? Let me know in the comments!

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